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The variety of applications of Spiroergometry.


METAMAX 3B on a Racing Bike 



Jenson Button vs the Brownlees at the GSK Human Performance Lab

McLaren Honda driver and triathlon devotee Jenson Button recently took on one of the toughest challenges of his career – a head to head test with Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee.


Olympic medallist and two-time Tour de France champion visits the GSK Human Performance Lab

Chris Froome, Olympic medallist and two-time Tour de France Champion, visited the GSK Human Performance Lab on Monday 17th August for a series of comprehensive independent physiological and body composition assessments. 


Spiroergometry in ASICS stores

Multiple ASICS flagship stores have a so-called running lab aimed for those who want to have an extended testing phase. In this video a famous dutch comedian and successful runner demonstrates his performance level in the ASICS store Amsterdam.


Performance Testing and Medical Diagnostics

The film gives a short introduction in Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing by CORTEX.


One Software for all Processes

The core of all CORTEX systems is the application software called MetaSoft® Studio. It manages and monitors all processes of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing and controls all peripheral systems such as heart rate and blood pressure meters well as other measuring instruments.


Ergospirometry in Himalaya. 

Our products are built for extreme environments and challenges. Therefore our products are often used at expeditions to the rooth of the world.

For instance at the Nepal Himlung Research Expedition 2013 of the society of Swiss-exped. 


What a breath reveals

Since 1991, CORTEX is the competent partner in regard to Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing systems and mobile respiratory gas analysis systems. Our portable and mobile systems allow our customers to get exact measuring results in the areas: medical diagnostics, therapy, rehabilitation, performance diagnostics and prevention.


Performance testing for swimming.

Thanks to specifically designed snorkels for backstroke and free-style, physical fitness and performance can be examined there where the athlete is in his or her element: in the flow channel, in the pool or in open water.


Performance testing in the flow channel

Our METASWIM can be applied in the pool or in the flow channel. In this film you can see performance testing in different swimming styles.


Performance testing for knights and laboratory rats.

Our french distributer shows our systems in the french television with extraordinary test persons.


Performance Testing in Czech Republic


Get an insight in the performance testing in the doctor's practice of SUMMUS VITA in Trutnov.
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