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CORTEX History

Exciting and ambitious as the way of our equipment to the Mount Everest is the development of CORTEX.

Our story began in 1991. As scientists, we saw a market gap in the run up to now only in the laboratory cardiopulmonary exercise testing. Based on our experience in the competitive sports research, we developed the world's first complete performance testing system X1 for mobile respiratory gas analysis.

As a newcomer in the medical market followed difficult years. The company philosophy is "Fast implementation of innovative ideas supported by excellent service" but come out. In the area of mobile cardiopulmonary exercise testing CORTEX was able to rise to market leader. In 1994 the company receives the Innovation Award of the Federal State of Saxony.

Today four generations of mobile devices are developed. Innovation, function and design of the mobile METAMAX® 3B in 2001 awarded the International Design Award.
Portable solutions for practice and hospital

After the success in the mobile area was the next big step in 1998 with the product line METALYZER®. Here was build a bridge to hospital use in the clinic and practice environments. Medical diagnosis based on the combination of cardiopulmonary exercise testing devices and exercise ECG provides valuable information for early detection of illness and decision making in the treatment of patients.
Sporting success with CORTEX

CORTEX systems are used worldwide in Olympic training centers and training centers for performance analysis. The exact respiratory gas analysis and objective assessment of cardio respiratory performance under real conditions form is the basis for the creation of individual training plans for effective and enduring improvements in performance of athletes. In this way, many of our units to medal success, eg the successful German biathletes and cross-country skiers participated.

With the product line AIRCHECK we opened the door to fitness and health sports. This system combines CORTEX’s precision measurement technology with the needs of the fitness world. The knowhow from research and performance sports is the health-conscious user, made independent of age, fitness level and training goals, accessible.
CORTEX technology Xtreme

In 2007, the Caudwell Xtreme Everest expedition up to the Mount Everest. In the research project of the Centre for Altitude, Space and Extreme (CASE), a team of international doctors examined the effects of extreme conditions on human physiology. The team took about 90 tons of medical equipment to the top. Never before cardiopulmonary measurements were performed on a bicycle ergometer at 8000 m altitude.
We are very proud that our equipment at this altitude, under these conditions worked perfect and therefore they will continue to be used by the expedition team.

Appreciation of the former Managing Director
Dr. Claus-Peter Kretschmer

Dear customers and business partners,

With deep regret we have to announce that our Managing Director Dr. Claus-Peter Kretschmer passed away on 24 July 2005 at the age of 55 due to a serious disease.

In his responsibility as Technical Manager and as Director of Research & Development, CORTEX succeeded in setting innovative standards and arose as a technological and ergonomic market leader in the field of mobile cardiopulmonary exercise testing.

With Dr. Claus-Peter Kretschmer we lost an excellent managing director, scientist and friend. His work style was embossed by openness, honesty and consequence. He gave us his full confidence in what we were doing, was always a contact person for all types of problems we had and was able to motivate us even in difficult situations.

We have learnt a lot from Dr. Claus-Peter Kretschmer and we are proud that we were allowed to work together with him. We are going to move CORTEX forward according to his ideas. His energy and optimism are always incitation.

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